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RT @bobdylan: The Bob Dylan Show with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp: Eight shows on pre-sale this morning at
01-20 13:14

RT @N0NUKES: @lolwhatofficial Who is this?6:00 am - 20 Jan 2017People Share The One Time They Just Had To Walk Out On Someone In The Mid…
01-20 13:17

RT @N0NUKES: どこへ行ってしまったのでしょうか?@WillieNelson過去twは消されぜんぜん関係なさそうな名前のアカウントに入れ替わってる。なんだこれ?のっとられてるな。@ST0NEShttps://t…
01-20 13:28

RT @theviridiansea: @Support It looks like @willienelson's account was hacked and changed to @lolwhatofficial. Not sure what happened. Coul…
01-20 13:29

RT @N0NUKES: あれかな?#FarmAid とかで#モンサント と闘ったりしてるから活動を妨害されてるのかな?@WillieNelson#WillieNelson"> さんのアカウントがおかしくなってる‥#He
01-20 13:29

RT @MJIndustryNews: @willienelson @FarmAid @MonsantoCo #hemp #monsanto #cbd #industrialhemp
01-20 13:33

RT @vansocow: カントリー界の人間ではウィリー・ネルソンと仲がいい。マール・ハガードもそうだ。マール、ウィリーといっしょに何回かテレビに出たことがある。ウィリーはすばらしい。まさしく‥@officialKeef 『Life』日本版P589より
01-20 13:34

RT @0penG: 誰もがそのすべてを知っていた。@ST0NES We Had It All ♫ @willienelson & @officialKeef Outlaws & Angels - May 5, 2004 http://t…
01-20 13:35

RT @vansocow: まさしく転がり続ける男。美しきマリファナ常用者。それがウィリー・ネルソン(@WillieNelson)だ。ベッドを出ると同時に一服する。俺だっておきてから10分は待つんだぜ。すごいソングライターさ。超一流だ。とにかくウィリーとは馬があうんだ。@ST0
01-20 13:36

RT @GMWatch: Willie Nelson was right about this even before the proposed Syngenta takeover by #Monsanto
01-20 13:40

RT @vansocow: あいつがアメリカの農場と小規模農家のことをすごく心配しているのも知っている。一緒にやった曲も大半はそのためだった~大企業による支配。それがウィリ(@willienelson)の敵だ。果敢に闘っている。真の有志だ。何があっても恐れを知らず、揺るぎなく、…
01-20 13:40

RT @ST0NES: #WillieNelson さんのアカウントがおかしくなってる‥Brainless Driversって、なに?そうおもって右クリックで検索へ飛ばすと?@Googleがひらかない!なんで?このブラ…
01-20 13:41

RT @peterkwint: Enfin. Nu maar eens kijken of ik Neil Young met de kids van Willie Nelson wel trek. The Monsanto Years.
01-20 13:43

01-20 13:43

RT @johnmellencamp: Fellow @FarmAid Aid board member @willienelson ​tell the story of his legendary guitar in 'Trigger,' a new doc by htt…
01-20 13:46

RT @SherylCrow: ❤️ this! See Willie Nelson tell the story of his legendary guitar in 'Trigger,' a new doc by Rolling Stone Films http://t…
01-20 13:47

RT @FarmAid: Just 9 hrs to bid on this guitar signed by @Neilyoung @johnmellencamp @willienelson & more https://t.c
01-20 13:48

RT @BioAnnie1: @lolwhatofficial <--- Hey @Twitter This person has hacked the Official @willienelson account. @RHurv Every1 please report th…
01-20 13:49

RT @FarmAid: @D_Falt @willienelson Sounds good to us! Hopefully someday!
01-20 13:50

RT @Andylanger: Appears something called @lolwhatofficial hijacked @willienelson and took all his followers. I'm gonna guess Russian hacker…
01-20 13:52

RT @scottaltimaman: @lolwhatofficial #hacked
01-20 13:52

RT @EvilMark420: @BioAnnie1 @lolwhatofficial @Twitter @RHurv Reported!
01-20 13:52

RT @Detra_Tenor: #WillieNelson Willie Nelson middle finger distressed men's t-shirt large Gildan preshrunk #Actor #…
01-20 13:53

RT @scottaltimaman: @lolwhatofficial #hacked
01-20 13:53

RT @N0NUKES:数時間前から完全にのっととられてるな。誰がやったにせよ。安否が気になる。@WillieNelson
01-20 13:55

RT @FarmAid: Join @willienelson and the rest of us at #FarmAid2016 in Bristow, Virginia on Sept. 17!
01-20 13:55

#Please confirm @WillieNelson's safety in hurry.His account was #hacked.@BobDylan @JohnMellencamp @Neilyoung@SherylCrow @officialKeef
01-20 13:55

RT @SusanMaylone: March Against Monsanto Agree with Willie Nelson?
01-20 13:58

RT @FarmAid: "Family farms, yes! Corporate farms, no!" – @willienelson Thank you, @NDFarmersUnion for your work.
01-20 14:00

RT @phawker: EXCLUSIVE: Docu about the making of @Neilyoung's THE MONSANTO YEARS w/ Willie Nelson's boys
01-20 14:00

RT @FarmAid: Love this photo of @willienelson signing checks for this year's grant recipients. $610k!
01-20 14:01

RT @RollingStone: Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews will headline this year's #FarmAid
01-20 14:02

RT @FarmAid: Check out our review of @willienelson's new book, "It’s a Long Story"
01-20 14:04

RT @SherylCrow: @willienelson beautiful new record out 10/15 "To All The Girls" duets w/Sheryl and incredible female performers
01-20 14:06

RT @ST0NES: "Embraceable You" & @SherylCrow
01-20 14:06

RT @SherylCrow: Out today! "Summertime: @willienelson Sings Gershwin" featuring a duet with Sheryl TS
01-20 14:08

RT @NME: Neil Young streams collaborative album with Willie Nelson's sons 'The Monsanto Years' - listen
01-20 14:09

RT @ST0NES: #Please confirm @WillieNelson's safety in hurry.His account was #hacked.@BobDylan @JohnMellencamp @Neilyoung@SherylCrow @off
01-20 14:09

RT @FarmAid: Enjoying this video of a slightly younger @willienelson on this fine Thursday:
01-20 14:11

RT @billboard: Neil Young is targeting GMO giant Monsanto on his new album with Willie Nelson's sons:
01-20 14:19

01-20 14:26

RT @FarmAid: Watch @NeilYoung, @WillieNelson, @JohnMellencamp, & Dave Matthews in the Best of Farm Aid 2014 on @axstv Sun. 11 ET http://t.c
01-20 14:35

RT @Time4TruthNews: Willie Nelson,Our #Food belongs in the hands of many farmers, not under corporate control #GMO #Monsanto #TPP #TFT http…
01-20 14:41

RT @FarmAid: This beautiful video captures something we see every year at #FarmAid: @WillieNelson and his special bond with fans https://t.…
01-20 14:41

RT @GaryCar69543942: Willie Nelson on Monsanto and GMO's. We R Being Taken Over By Corps. Don't Believe Their Lies!
01-20 14:42

RT @FarmAid: Congratulations to @willienelson on receiving the Library of Congress #GershwinPrize for Popular Song today!
01-20 14:43

RT @FreePatriotism: @WillieNelson #GMO #Monsanto
01-20 14:43

RT @FarmAid: Looking for a book to read over the holidays? Check out "It’s a Long Story: My Life" by @willienelson
01-20 14:44

RT @MoveOn: A Message From Willie Nelson We Can't Afford To Ignore#Willie #Nelson #Monsanto #FamilyFarms
01-20 14:46

RT @FarmAid: It's hard to go wrong with @willienelson singing this @johnlennon classic:
01-20 14:46

RT @MoveOn: A Message From Willie Nelson We Can't Afford To Ignore#Willie #Nelson #Monsanto #FamilyFarms
01-20 14:46

RT @ST0NES: The Maker Nelson & Emmylou Harris and, Daniel Lanois
01-20 14:50

RT @MoveOn: A Message From Willie Nelson We Can't Afford To Ignore#Willie #Nelson #Monsanto #FamilyFarms
01-20 14:50

RT @officialKeef: I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album "Outlaws & Angels with Willie Nelson - May 5, 2004"
01-20 14:57

RT @ST0NES: #KeithRichards Dead✿Flowers ♫ (@youtube) live performance by @officialKeef with @HANK_III , @TheRyanAdams &…
01-20 14:58

RT @llorens1961: Keith Richards & Willie Nelson & Friends - Dead Flowers ( Live)
01-20 14:58

RT @MoveOn: A Message From Willie Nelson We Can't Afford To Ignore#Willie #Nelson #Monsanto #FamilyFarms
01-20 14:58

RT @ST0NES: We Had It All Willie Nelson & Keith Richards
01-20 14:59

RT @DrHCaldicott: #Corporate control of our #food. #Willie Nelson and 300,000 Other Activists Sue #Monsanto
01-20 15:04

RT @AmandaCWilliams: Organic farmers are suing Monsanto. Here's some background info about Monsanto and how they hurt farmers:
01-20 15:06

やっぱ命ねらわれてるんじゃないの?@WillieNelson#モンサント に。’s Harvest of Fear
01-20 15:12

RT @gjpossum: Hank Williams Jr. and George Jones - The Possum- join Willie Nelson and Kris Kristoffersonfor a set during the... http://t.…
01-20 15:16

Gravedigger Nelsonたとえ墓穴を掘ろうと最期まで闘うぜ。人間ならな。そういう歌。
01-20 15:20

RT @SonyLegacyRecs: NP: @WillieNelson's "Someone to Watch Over Me" off his Feb. 26 release #Summertime. Watch: http…
01-20 15:23

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